Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So Far, So Good

It is Tuesday. The end of Tuesday. I have no idea where Monday went. Or Sunday, or even Saturday, for that matter. But I remember Friday night. I remember that because Joshua and I had a night out. The rest, gone. Somewhere over the edge of baby brain-dom.

You see, I have a stuffy head and nose. Yeah, I know. Pity me. But, for reasons I can't fathom, this makes me less sensible than my normal self these days. For instance, I cried twice last week because I could not breath through my nose. I am not given to tears all that often, so it made the dawning of Tylenol Cold and Sinus that much more sweet. The fact that it took me several days to think of this is a testament to how numb my brain is.

I know I have done things in the house, because the laundry is still under control and you can still walk through my living room. I know I have interacted with my children because there are pictures to prove it. And they are still pretty responsive to my pathetic attempts to be a Mommy. I know I have been shopping in the past few days because there are groceries in the pantry and a couple of new kids books laying around.

So, if you think you can't function at half capacity, I beg to differ. Fortunately for everyone involved, the stupor is wearing off. Even the one that is not Tylenol induced. I think we will all survive and live to tell another story.

Thomas is back to the nightly breathing treatments. I feel bad
for him, but it does make for some great cuddle time.

Sarah Grace getting to know Matthew Elizabeth a bit better. Baby just
kicked Sarah's hand! Gracie simply smiled and pushed back a bit.


The Fannings said...

you're making me look bad, freeman. I've taken to my bed with this stupid cold. I've announced that i can breathe or I can grow baby. Not both. Not without rest. I'm told it's a five day thing, so we've got one more day. Hugs and sniffles!

Amy Cranston said...

Aubrey I hope you are feeling better. Hope yall's night out was fun! Looking forward to getting together soon.