Friday, January 26, 2007

My Girl

Sarah Grace is beginning to show an interest in fashion. She has started helping me to pick out her clothes, and then accessorize herself as she sees fit. Bracelets and necklaces confiscated from Mommy's jewelry box, any pair of shoes she chooses, regardless of who the real owner is, hats, and of course, assorted items from drawers that she gets into and can manipulate onto her body in any manner. Yes, even underwear on the head, socks on the arms, and once, one of Joshua's undershirts as pants. Wish I had gotten a shot of that! Today, she has found a hat. It is this fuzzy fleece thing that belongs to a long outgrown outfit of Thomas. She dons it and romps around gangster style, but the best addition was the football. She has had a firm grip on the 'buaball' for about half an hour now, not letting it out of her sight or the hat off her head. Thomas is completely nonplussed and is avoiding her.


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