Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving & the Fannings

It has been a fantabulous last couple of weeks. The kids and I headed out on an AIRPLANE to northern VA, much to the delight of Thomas! We arrived at Dulles at the kids bedtime, and though they were a bit cranky, they were quite intrigued by all the escalators and moving sidewalks. Thomas was especially taken with the luggage carousel. I fear had it not been for our friend Andrew, Thomas would have hopped on and taken a ride. Not that I blame him... I mean didn't you always wanna ride one of those nifty things when you were a kid?

We arrived at the Fanning household and surprised Sam & Ian (twins- age 32 months) and Adam (age 16 months). As you can well imagine, their three and our two kept us all hopping. We had a wonderful time visiting with old friends and watching as our kids made friends with each other. I could write tons on this point and tell you more about our two week life with the Fannings, but I will simply redirect you to their blog. Lora and I are notorious for writing essentially the same stuff and since she put it all so nicely, I will let her blog speak for all of us. =)

I will, however, post a couple of pictures detailing some of the highlights to our children from this trip.

Cowgirl Sarah Grace!

Thomas literally asleep on his feet.
Tired boy!

On Thanksgiving Day, we made 'Indian' outfits
for the kids to wear from grocery store bags.
Thomas and Sarah Grace loved theirs!

Ian, Sam, and Thomas reading a book together.

Our last night there, we let the big boys stay up
a little late and jam with the Daddy's. Joshua and
Andrew played guitar and sang songs as the boys
all danced their own jigs and laughed loudly!

All in all, it was a superb visit. We are so very thankful to have friends such as the Fannings with whom to share special holidays and special friendships. I hope all of you had a Thanksgiving as blessed as ours was.

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