Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More Vocabulary Funnies

I posted once on how exciting it is to listen as Thomas and Sarah Grace grow their vocabulary skills. Well, the fun hasn't stopped. Thomas has added several songs to his repertoire, including 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star', 'Baa-Baa, Black Sheep', The Barney Theme Song (much to our amazement, considering he NEVER sees the show!), 'Jingle Bells', and a few others. I proudly encourage him to sing in his sweet, slightly off key, kids voice.

He also has a few funny scrambles that we enjoy not correcting. We were eating pineapple the other night, and Thomas was ever so polite as he asked for 'more pine cones, please.' Joshua and I smiled, thanked him for remembering his manners, and served him more of the yummy pine-apple-cone.

My parents recently celebrated their 31st anniversary. Thomas and I were rehearsing what to say to Memum & Pepop when we talked to him. Over and over and over, we went though this routine...

Mommy: Happy
Thomas: Happy
Mommy: Anna
Thomas: Anna
Mommy: Versary
Thomas: Grocery Store

My parents were thrilled with their being wished a Happy Anni-Grocery Store.

Our recent visit with the Fannings taught us several words we did not know yet. I think the cutest by far is how the Fanning boys respond with 'Da-da' when you tell them to say Yes Sir or Yes Ma'am. Sarah Grace has picked this up, and will 'Da-da' us very politely. After observing the spirit with which the Fanning boys used this phrase, and the serious look of obedience and sweetness on Sarah Grace's face, we accept this with joy.

Another colloquial exchange was on macaroni and cheese. The Freeman kids say 'monster cheese', while the Fanning boys say 'noo-noo'.

Sarah Grace's speaking skills are picking up at a much faster rate than Thomas did. She has phrases for bottle, blanket, diaper time, thank you, bite, and an amazing assortment of other words that just pop out occasionally. Defiant to the core, we struggle with her obedience, but I don't believe it is because of not understanding. I think she has it down pat! She just chooses to ignore us or act as if she does not understand. Prayers, training, and time will change this aspect of our little girl. In the interim, we try not to laugh as she babbles on about things and obstinately does whatever it is that she has on her mind to do.

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My sweet T Tom and my obstinantly precious Gracie Girl!