Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Jumping Beans

We have recently added yet another bed to Sarah's room. The plan is to get her transitioned to a Big Girl Bed before Baby Freeman 3 gets here. We have a toddler bed, but through some innovative destruction, the kids managed to tear it up a little bit. So, anyway, the new twin bed sits in the corner of the room, shoved up against a wall until I can get in there and do some 'redecorating'. And there is your mental picture of this oddly set up room.

Now, you need to know that we have a trampoline in the back yard. The kids love it, but they don't play on it much these days. It takes at least two adults circling the trampoline while the kids run crazed circles on it, stumbling precariously close to the edge, just threatening to fall off. It is a work out that I don't care for much just now, as Baby 3 is being pretty hard on my physical well being. Armed with that knowledge, can you guess what the new bed in Gracie's room is used for?

That is right! A trampoline. I let them. Why not? Do you have any idea how much energy they burn, bouncing and laughing and chasing each other? And really, how long can you chase someone on the top of a twin size bed? What, three feet across and maybe six feet long? Let the kids have their fun. Besides, as unorthodox as it sounds, I don't deter my kids from jumping on the furniture. In fact, I am often known to join them! They don't bother at other folks' homes, so I am uber-grateful for that small blessing.

There you have it. This morning at our house. Ya'll come back now, ya hear?


The Fannings said...

It looks like Thomas is pushing Gracie off the bed. Hmmm?

Aubrey said...

He was actually catching her and helping her back on! Such the little gentleman! She, on the other hand, is a tad more vicious! Did I mention I had my work cut out form me with this child?