Monday, September 25, 2006

Our Weekend

Well, it was a weekend. Not overly exciting, no adorable tales to tell. Just a weekend at home. And I enjoyed it immensely. Funny how just being with your family can be fulfilling all by itself. Don't ya think? I do.

Saturday was spent resting and playing outside with the kids and doing some of those things that just aren't a priority until you make them such. We put up the blinds in the living room. They have been in a box, waiting patiently for about three weeks now. It just hasn't been important to get them up. There were already blinds up, so it's not as if the world was gazing through our window at us. My make shift laundry line snapped, so the real laundry line just got bumped up several notches. However, we are out of town for the next two weekends, so, it still will wait a bit. Priorities are relative anyway. Didn't you know that?

Saturday night, Joshua's parents came to have dinner with us. I had forgotten how easy it is to make dinner when someone else is entertaining the kids! We had a feast and a nice visit. The kids went to bed, and Joshua and I had time to watch a flick. Cool, yah?

Sunday was church, where I worked the nursery with a girl named Jen. We had a nice chat, between caring for the 8 or so kids in our charge, and I pray the acquaintance continues to blossom into a friendship. Then home for lunch and a nap, then we went shopping for shoes for Mommy! Hooray! Next came a surprise call from our friend John Ed, and we got to eat dinner with him while he was in town. Thomas is pretty fond of John Ed, however, Gracie thinks somewhat differently. But she is coming around. Then, home, bed for the kids, and there you have it.

To some of you, I know this sounds boring, mundane, and any other number of dull words. But I am at peace with the weekend. I spent time with loved ones, got to work at a new relationship, visited with an old friend, and here it is Monday morning, and I feel refreshed and ready for the busy week ahead. Praise God for all the little things. They make the big things even sweeter.

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Jan Garrett said...

Aubrey !!! I had no idea you were pregnant 1 I s that what i read in your blog? If so then CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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