Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The 'In' Thing

When I was a kid, I loved to play hide and go seek. Heck, I still love to play hide and go seek. Only there aren't' as many hiding places now that I am an adult...hmmm. I also loved to just get in stuff. You know, laundry baskets, boxes, suitcases, drawers, closets, you name it. If I could fold up into it, I was there!

So, it should come as no surprise that my children like to get in to all sorts of nooks and crannies, too. It's a right of passage. Recently, I have lost my children a couple times. IN the house. Ours is not a large house. In fact, Joshua and I can be heard being quite thankful for the smallness of it as we try for the umpteenth time to track down someone's shoe. Yet, I have managed to lose the kiddos a couple of times.

Sarah scared me one morning with a disappearing act. I searched our home over, and was getting a bit panicky when I finally 'found' her. She was super tired and had climbed up on her big girl bed, snuggled down under the covers, and fallen asleep. All that showed was a tuft of Gracie hair.

Thomas has eluded me upon occasion, as well. The other morning, I was doing laundry. He loves to help pull things out of the dryer and hand them to me to fold. It is a great little system we have worked out. On this particular day, I zipped off to the potty for a moment after we emptied the drier. It was not surprising to see that Thomas had abandoned his post in my absence. I started tossing stuff from the washer into the dryer when I heard him giggling as a shirt came catapulting from the dryer! The stinker had learned he could get in the dryer! And was quite proud of himself.

I made a mental note to check where my kids were before starting the dryer. I have also taken pictures of some of their favorite hide outs. The excitement never ends around here. I thank the Lord for the smiles that my children give to me. And I work hard to remember those smiles on days when they aren't being quite so enchanting!

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The Fannings said...

We dig that face on that little lady of yours. Cuteness. And trouble. Similar to another little face we have around here. Can't wait to see the mayhem those two reap together. Maybe Adam will be walking by then. Watch out!