Thursday, October 12, 2006

Toddlers, Socks, and Monsters

Growing up, we had the Sock Monster living in our laundry room. I know this, because we also had an Unloved Sock Drawer. To this day, there are still socks in that drawer that were there when I was like 10. If you know me, then you know about how long ago that was. If you don't know me, then I ain't sayin'! My point is, these socks disappeared. I have long since decided that the Sock Monster visited my parents home regularly.

Thankfully, he seems to have stayed at my parents for the most part. It is rare to have a sock go for long without a mate around here. And that can even usually be chalked up to me. I despise folding socks. My sweet husband generally pulls sock folding duties. Bless him.

Today, I learned that maybe the Sock Monster is of my imagination. In fact, I now believe the culprit must be human. I have Sarah Grace to thank for this bit of illumination. She came toddling up to me this afternoon with one sock. A sock that I know for a fact had a match just yesterday. Because, for once, I folded the socks. Here is half a fruit of my effort, on little legs, waltzing all over the place. It's partner nowhere to be seen.

Gracie strode over to me with a self satisfied grin on her little elfin face and held up the lonesome sock. "nnn-dah?" Which really means, 'Tell me more about this, Mommy.' So, with more happiness than my sad soul actually possessed, I announced "Sock, Gracie. It is a sock. Where is the other one?"

"Dock" "Dock" "Dock"

This would be the sweet phrase I heard throughout the next hour or better. She held tight to her treasured sock and romped all over the house, announcing to all who would (and wouldn't) listen the arrival of her 'dock'. I assure you, the couch was overjoyed at the presence of the 'dock'. You could just tell.

I still have not found the mate, a few hours after the appearance of the forlorn only a few hours ago. I feel certain that I can reassure us all that the Sock Monster is not up to his old tricks at my house, though.

Not so long as I have toddlers.

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Memum said...

She is still here-I had yet another one for the drawer just hours ago!! But then, have I told you bout my grandkids?!!