Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I grew up with two sisters, one 5 years younger than myself, the other 10 years younger. I can tell you lots of things about some of the stages little girls go through as they grow up. Some of it is firsthand experience, some of them I simply observed in my younger sisters.

I have a son. A two year old, all boy, loves to be the center of attention, slightly gross, little boy. Recently, he has regaled me with some of the funniest, although not at all mannerly, little episodes. Two stand out in a big way.

Since we are potty training (sort of), it is customary for me to ask Thomas if he is stinky. Sometimes he says "tinky' and other times he responds with a resounding 'nope'. Yesterday morning, as I was changing diapers, I asked Thomas if he was stinky. 'Nope.' We also habitually go over No ma'am, rather than nope. He will repeat anything. It's great. Anyway, as I pulled back the tabs and started to take the diaper away from his body, he calls out "TADA! Poopy!"

Indeed, he was. Tada.

Now, how can you help but laugh? Forget how gross the situation is. My little boy has made his announcement.

Tonight, we sat down for dinner and said prayers. I love to hear Thomas proclaim 'Ayman' at the end of each prayer. It is such a sweet Amen. Joshua and I were exchanging the 'how was your day' dialogue when Thomas holds out his napkin and yells 'Booger!'

Again, indeed. Booger. And he wants us to see it. Examine it, even.

In my head, I know that there will come a time when verbal assessments such as these will become embarrassing. It might have been, had we been in public. But you know there are some things that can be laughed at in the privacy of one's home that are not as entertaining outside of those cozy walls. I also know the day is coming when I will even have to figure out how to keep a straight face as I tell my son that this is simply not acceptable. That it is considered rude to announce the different things that come from his body as everyday conversation material. The time is not now. For now, I will sit back, laugh, wipe away the tears that come from such good laughter, and enjoy my son. Boogers and all.

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Joanna said...

Oh my goodness, Aubrey, I have not laughed like that in a long time!! How precious! I grew up in a household of girls, too, and these boys are just WEIRD! I think this attitude is why the Lord has seen fit to bless me with 3! Have fun with them, it just gets weirder with time...