Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Little Bit Shy

Thomas has had a camera in his face since day one. We have countless pictures of him drooling, sleeping, gazing off unfocused. We captured the milestones, the funny moments, the sweet faces. You name, we got it on camera. Like thousands, literally. Thank goodness for digital photos...otherwise I would have killed many trees printing all of these off...

Sarah Grace has had a camera in her face since day one. She doesn't like it. She manages to pull off half drunken looks, turn her head seconds before the flash, or just drop whatever it is that she is doing that we were trying to catch on film anyway. Then there is the fact that Thomas will run to get between the camera lens and the photo opp of Gracie. So, we have had dozens of blurred Thomas heads.

Don't get me wrong, we have some really adorable shots of our little girl. Just not as many as do her justice! (proud Mommy moment) This past week, she pulled out this book that both of them love. It has these big rolly eyes that wind up in different animal faces each time you turn the page. Sarah Grace brought it to me and we read through it, several times, in true Sarah-storylistening-style. This means she turned the page before you got to the second line of words. And laughed as she cut you off.

When my patience with this game were just about up (after all, you are supposed to READ books!), she grabbed the book, looked at me, said 'hank-goo' (thank you, in case you missed it) and took off. A few moments later she returned, peeking at me through the eye-holes of the book. I laughed at her and she started making some of the animal sounds we had been discussing as we 'read' the book earlier. She is such a ham.

Then, I brought out the camera. She dropped the book and walked off. Typical. I finally convinced her over to me and handed her the book again. She stuck it up to her face and laughed as she looked out at me. I aimed for the picture, and she waltzed off. Again. With the book.

Several moments later, I found the book discarded on the floor. I picked it up, found Gracie and held it open. She peeked through, and I took the shot. It somehow loses some of the innate cuteness when it has to be posed like this, but I loved that she was imaginative enough to do it in the first place. So sue me if I wanted to capture a bit of the essence of the moment.

Silly girl.

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