Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pint Size Picasso

My children are naturals. That is just all there is to it. Give them a paint brush and a plate of paints, and they know to paint everything in sight! (Praise God for washable paints!) We had a family craft time this past weekend. I had found these cute little wooden pumpkins at a local craft store, and it occurred to me that the kids had not painted in quite some time. Could this be due to the clean up procedure?

Sunday afternoon, after church, lunch, and naps, we were all kind of struggling to be content. The kids because, well, who really knows why? Joshua and I because our sweet offspring were causing us to climb the walls! In the midst of this, I thought 'PAINT!' And so began our adventure.

The kids loved it! Like I said, they are naturals. The finished pieces prove it. (left to right - Joshua, Thomas, Sarah Grace, Aubrey) They painted the pumpkins, the plates, the table, themselves, and Joshua and I if we got in the way of their flailing paint brushes! It was all great fun...until time to put it away. Then came the wailing and gnashing of teeth. Alas, this recreation could not last forever. We had to put food on the table rather than paints!

I am not deterred by the sad ending, though. I will be adding more crafts to our daily routines. Thanks to the preschool, I have a ton in my head to let the kids try out!

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The Fannings said...

my kids act like I've handed them an abacus and asked them to find the square root of 479. We tried watercolors the other day and Ian eventually got the hang of it, but Sam insisted on dipping his brush in water, dippping it in color, and then back in the water before painting. No matter how many times I showed him, he stubbornly resisted. Therefore, he "finished" painting much sooner than Ian!