Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Miss Priss

We finally did it. Our little girl has her ears pierced. For some reason, I really wanted to do this. I have always (since before I can remember) had my ears pierced. I love to wear fun earrings. I know there are people who believe that this is desecrating the body, but call me unwhole. I have two extra holes in my anatomy, and I love to decorate them. So, when Sarah Grace got here, I asked Joshua how soon we could pierce her ears.


It's not that he is against the idea of earrings. It's that he is against the idea of someone putting holes in his little girl. I understand this. So, we postponed the event until after her first birthday. This past Saturday, I could stand it no longer. Thomas was with Granny for an overnighter, and so Joshua, Gracie, and I headed off to Merle Norman.

The lady who was running the store that day was a tad trepiditious about doing it. She said that on children as young as Gracie, they usually had two ladies who each had a piercing gun so they could do both ears at once. Somehow, this actually bothered me! I assured her that Grace is a pretty laid back kid when it comes to ouchies, and on we went. Once we selected the earrings, Joshua left. He just could not witness this event.

It was no big deal. Sarah jumped and screeched once on the first ear, and took about two minutes to calm down. Then she sat perfectly still for the second ear, jumped and wailed once, and that was pretty much that. One great big, rolling alligator tear. And she didn't want to talk to the kind lady with the gun. Imagine that.

So, now, I get tickled to see the sparkly earrings peeking out from behind the fluff that is her hair. She hasn't bothered the earrings even once, doesn't even seem to notice them. She is perfectly content to sit while I clean her ears and rotate the posts in her ears, then she grins at me and prances off.

The night after, we couldn't find Sarah PJ's, so we popped her into some of Thomas' old ones. She looked so tom-boy with her boy jammies and glittering earrings. Quite the picture of cuteness, if I do say so myself. Alas, I did not take a picture of this. I do have her at the breakfast table, giving me this wonderful look you see, and if you inspect closely, you will see one of her little shiny, blue, stoned earrings peeking out!


The Fannings said...

what a lovely little lady! Even if she does look full of sass in that picture. You are so in for it!

Kimberly said...

This is precious. She looks a bit bossy in this picture! But the earings are so adorable on her!

Aubrey said...

right on the money... full of sass. sigh, I have my work cut out for me trying to turn this little girl into a little lady...