Thursday, September 14, 2006

Funny Flushings

Yesterday, we received an email from Granny and Papaw that contained a link. Thomas was sitting in my lap, and I asked him if he wanted to follow the link. "k.' So, we clicked on the link, and zoomed through cyber space together.

Soon, we found ourselves watching thes amazing cat and it's antics. I laughed because it was funny. Thomas did that wonderful little fake laugh that children do just because their parents are laughing. Alas, the video clip ended.

But not the joke.

Thomas sat in my lap and jabbered for a bit, then slid down to wander about our bedroom. (a place strictly off limits unless Mommy or Daddy is with him) The next thing I heard was the toilet flushing in the bathroom. I turned around to call Thomas out, and just as I did this, he peeked his head around the corner and started laughing hysterically. I, of course, got tickled at my little prankster, and laughed. This prompted him to flush the potty again.

We laughed and laughed like a crazy little duo. And then I had to convince him to do something else with me, before he managed to over work our poor toilet and I had to clean up toilet water. It's just ooky, even if it is 'clean'. Know what I mean?


The Fannings said...

is that ooky-creepy or ooky-yucky? cause there's a difference. it's all about context. trust me. it's in MY dictionary.

Aubrey said...

Did you watch a lot of Adam's family as a kid? Doesn't the theme song say ooky?