Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thomas' Happy Birthday

I did promise this post. And since Thomas has been sitting here in my lap looking over the pictures with me this morning, it was a good reminder to do it.

So the day started out a bit overcast, but not rainy. I got up pretty early to finish the little patch of lawn mowing that Joshua couldn't do the night before because it's getting dark earlier these days. I quickly learned why my Daddy always waited until afternoon or evening to mow. The dew was so heavy that the lawn mower couldn't cope with it and the thick grass. So, after two minutes, I gave it up, and went to make cake. =) I fared much better there.

We had several friends and lots of family come to celebrate with us. The kids were happy to play in the pool and jump on the trampoline while the adults all visited and reminisced of their own children's younger years.

Saturday was actually my sister Amy's real birthday, and she was gracious enough to share with Thomas this year. I made small cakes for each of them, and Amy had the honors of helping Thomas to blow out the candles on both cakes. Thomas has a special way of 'blowing' out candles, or 'blowing' his nose. He gets all serious looking, gazes you right in the eye, and utters one word. Blow. So, to help him understand the meaning of blowing out the birthday candles, and, if I am honest, to give my sister a hard time, we graced the cakes with Magical Relighting Candles! Thomas loved this, and after about the third round of blowing out candles, he got the hang of it.

Small footnote here. The Magical Relighting Candle package says nothing about the massive amounts of smoke created by the blowing out of their candles over and over and over. So, as we all choked and wondered that the fire alarm wasn't going off, Thomas and Amy laughed their way through Birthday wishing.

Thomas was only mildly impressed by the cake. Much more taken with the Cheetos. Sigh. But, he did the obligatory face smash in the cake, albeit a clean-ish face smash, and posed for the picture. Silly boy. On the other hand, he was old enough this year to really get into ripping the paper off the gifts. He was really quite the ham.

Overall, it was a wonderful day. The kids had a blast, and of course went to bed a tad early. And, we are just now finishing off the last of the birthday cake! Yum!

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