Saturday, August 19, 2006

Things I Have Learned

Motherhood has brought about tons of expansions in the grey matter. I mean, who knew that one kid could make so much _______? (noise, mess, stink, snot, drool, use your imagination here.) On the other hand, people severely underestimate the intelligence that can be gleaned from children.

It has been an extremely long day. We celebrated Thomas' 2nd birthday today. The Big Day was actually Tuesday, but somehow that is not conducive to getting the whole family here. Tuesday, we did a special trip to Baskin Robbins and sang the song, over and over and over. Today, we had cake and watermelon and all that jazz. But I will tell you more about Thomas' day later. Right now, I just want to share some of the nuggets of truth I am surrounded by.

If you leave pretzels in the sink to get wet and soak for a few, it stinks of fish. This is especially bad for me, as I do NOT like fish.

Regardless of how many times you ram a tonka truck into the wall and yell 'Beep, Beep', the wall does not move.

CD's and DVD's are irresistible play toys.

The cat does not mind sharing his food with a toddler. The cat LOVES to share the toddler's food.

Cloth diapers do not hold the 'do' when kids are swimming.

ANYTHING can be utilized as a step stool to counter surf.

When kids begin counter surfing, knives should be put even higher. (no boo-boo's to learn this one, praise the Lord)

Bugs are a great source of entertainment and protein.

Toilet fishing is a sport.

White shirts hide snot stains better than black ones.

Pretzels dumped on the floor make a great 5am breakfast. (see counter surfing)

It really is okay if two grandmothers and one great grandmother feed my kids chocolate cake all day. It is only ONE day out of many.

Cats like chocolate cake. Their 'motors' run double time after a few bites.

Sometimes, you can let the kitchen wait overnight. After all, it's not like you get a lot of company in the wee hours of the morning.

Books are edible.

Bathroom floors are easy to keep clean...just let the toddlers splash for a bit. At this point, it is necessary to mop up with a towel. We do this at least once a day. Floor looks great.

So, ponder these deep lessons. And let me know some of the goodies your kids have taught you!


Andrew said...

Here are some that come to mind:

Anything can be a toy, and the more mundane, the more it captures the attention.

Nothing replaces time with mommy and daddy. (I pray this never changes)

Never underestimate the power of a bucket of water and a few cups.

We all learn by imitation. I need to be cautious who I imitate, because others are imitating me.

I'm sure Lora could add many more, but these were the first three to come to mind.

Pat said...

Children ultimatley remember times spent together more dearly than dollars spent. My grandkids are beautiful!!

My love to all!