Sunday, August 27, 2006

Girl Talk

When I was growing up, there was this game called 'Girl Talk' that I wanted so badly I couldn't see straight. (What does that phrase actually mean anyway?) I never did own it, but my best friend did. After we played it once or twice, it wound up on a shelf to collect dust and eventually landed in a yard sale.

Now that I am older, and hopefully a tad bit wiser, I prefer a much different version of Girl Talk. You know, the kind where girls (ladies) actually get together and talk! My dear friend Lora trekked all the way in from Virginia for a girls weekend. Her sweet hubby kept their 2 year old mostly-potty-trained twins and 1 year old not-potty-trained-not-twin for three whole days so she could visit and eat here in Huntsville. Applause and many thanks, Andrew! He is not the only hero of this story. Let me not forget to mention Joanna's husband Jason, who kept their 6 year old, 4 year old, and 2 year old for a day and a half so that Joanna could join in the fun. She got to bring their sweet little 4 month old with her, much to the pleasure of Lora and myself. And last, but most assuredly not least, my own wonderful Joshua, who swept our two blessings off for a day and a half to insure that we ladies could do all manner of silly girl stuff.

And silly we did. Dinner, and I don't think we got to the restaurant until after my kids usually go to bed, with FREE birthday brownies! Yum! Stayed up past our bedtime, until like 2am...when was the last time that happened? Then, get this, a lazy, two hour breakfast graced with much wonderful conversation of all sorts! And that after we slept in! (Well, I felt like we slept in. I am not sure I have made it past 8am since I had kiddos.) Shopping, ice cream, laughter, music, fantastic food, and just plain great fellowship. What more could a girl ask for???

We didn't solve the world's problems, but we hashed out some of our own. We didn't stop terrorism, but we talked about discipline methods for our kids. We didn't figure out how to feed the world, but we talked about some good meal websites. People still throw way to much into landfills, but we compared preferences on cloth diapering. I will probably go to Kroger tomorrow and buy more organic milk for my kids, but I am now aware of some local-ish folks who offer shares so that you can get raw milk. School systems still do not meet the standards by which I want my children educated, but I now have much more insight and information on different homeschooling ideas and curriculum. And, I know I will get short tempered with my children again, soon, but I have two wonderful sources who the very thought of helps me to remember, this too shall pass. My children will survive, and if I think and make a conscious effort, I can ward off the madness of it all. Know what I mean?

So, I am pumped by the idea that we want to do this again next year. Maybe before, if we can talk those daring husbands of ours into it!


The Fannings said...

Gee, it sounds so lovely!!! :-) Maybe next year we should sell tickets. Love the line about not tackling terrorism, but learning to discipline our kids better. One and the same in some cases, eh? Anyway, thanks for being a gracious hostess and letting me screw up your kids' sleep habits. Hope you all recover. Much love!

Joshua & Aubrey said...

The kids are over it. Completly. I am already missing you. Virginia is so lucky to have you guys... I hope they appreciate it!

Joanna said...

Hey! Now that LL FINALLY added y'alls blog to theirs, I found you! Yeah!! I thank you, too, for the FABULOUS weekend! I'm up for that anytime! (Jason? well, who knows...) Tho I've just now recovered, maybe, from the 2:00 bedtime :) Great blog! You got my 20 min of nursing, ignoring all my responsibilies, surfing blogland time today. I'll be reading, even if I rarely post - you are in my favorites now!