Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sleeping Habits

So, its been a hectic past few days. I have been filling in at the school where I worked for several years, and while this is entertaining for me, it is a major change for the kids. They are getting up earlier, because I have to be there by 7am, having their daily routines thrown over for the daily schedule that the school has for each class, coming home in the afternoon with a tired Mommy, and eating the oddest things that I keep claiming as meals. Much to their credit, they are rolling with it quite nicely. The only major factor is that they are so much more tired and a tad more cranky in the evenings.

Meal time has been, well, eclectic. Can I say that? I am, and since I am author of this entry, then you get to read it. *Grin* Let me recount to you my favorite meal for the kids this week. Oatmeal. Yep, that's right. Quaker Oats. And a lot of it. I figure oatmeal is mostly healthy, or at least better then the cheese puffs Thomas was after, and since I made a load of it, they got plenty in their bellies. Plus, the stuff is crazy thick, so I know it 'stuck to their ribs' as the saying goes. We chased the oatmeal with milk and a couple cookies. They were happy.

Bed time has been the harshest thing for us to all cope with. Gracie is READY at 6:30. Give me my bottle. Snuggle me for a minute. Quick prayers. Put me in bed. Leave me alone. Good night.

Then, there is Thomas. I don't think he has been to bed on time a single night this week. Not that it would matter if we got him there on time. He doesn't stay. For weeks now, I have been commenting to people on how easy it was to put Thomas in a Big Boy Bed. He just decided it was time, and we really didn't have any big power struggles.

Until now.

Joshua puts Thomas to bed. It is their special time of day. They have chats, prayers and cuddles, then Thomas gets in his bed and that is that. Sometimes, he opts to get back up and play. He will turn on his closet light and play with his toys. We allow this, since he stays in his room, and usually even turns the light out and puts himself back in bed when he is done. No big deal. However, the past few nights have been a bit of an issue. He moans and groans and crys and calls out and kicks at the door and the walls and comes out to see if maybe we have changed our minds. We haven't. So, off he goes, with some prompting from Daddy, and we start over again. Eventually he tires himself out and by the time Joshua and I go to bed, Thomas is asleep. But don't make the mistake of thinking he is putting himself back in his bed these days. Oh, no. He lays over like a lump right in front of the door so you can't open it. He crawls up in the chair in his room and kicks back there. He puts half his body under the bed and snoozes. Anywhere but IN the bed. Why is this? I haven't the slightest idea. But, its kinda funny, and this, too, shall pass. Right?


Anonymous said...

I came on over to your blog from one where you left a comment and, since you are in the middle of it you may not see it but your post seems to answer your own question... he misses you. You first mentioned the change in your alls schedule and at the end you mentioned the change in your son's sleeping habits. my opinion, even though you didn't ask, is it is all tied together. He misses you and is not liking the change. Just something to think aobut. You guys will get through it . Just talk to him and let him know you miss him too.

The Fannings said...

I have no advice. I'm watching with bated breath as the big boy beds go in tomorrow here. I say hang in till next week and call me often. Matter of fact, call me regardless of if you hang in there. :-) Hugs!!!

Joshua & Aubrey said...

I have no doubt that you are absolutly right, Anonymous. Thanks for the reality check!

Anonymous said...

Our oldest did something similar, she went fine into her twin bed then started sleeping by the door! We would always tuck her into her bed then she would get out and sleep by the door. We asked the doctor, she said it was fine and when she was ready (and realized the bed was more comfortable) she would go back to the bed. And she did (about 2 months later)!