Wednesday, August 09, 2006

These Are The Days

I woke up this morning with that phrase as it relates to several songs running through my head. Vanessa Williams sang 'These are the days, the sweetest days we'll know.' 10,000 Maniacs told us that ' These are the days, These are days you'’ll remember, Never before and never since, I promise, Will the whole world be warm as this.' And while neither of these songs refer specifically to the joys of being a part of a young family, I couldn't help but be extra thankful to our Father for starting off my day with this phrase as a reminder of the everyday blessings He has given my way.

So, as I show Thomas for the millionth time where the 'on' button is for a toy that drives me nuts, or change the endless parade of diapers, I will continue to sing my songs and praise my Lord. Because these are the days, and He has filled them with joys in big and small ways.

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The Fannings said...

so if i wanted to re-publish your little ditty here in a MOPS newsletter, would you be opposed? it might not be for a few months, but it would be perfect.