Thursday, August 10, 2006

Climbing The Walls

Yesterday, a piano was delivered to our home, compliments of Joshua's parents. We are so thankful to have it in our home. Thomas' eyes lit up immediately, and as soon as the thing was in place, he sat down and started plucking out notes.

Last night, after the kids had been put in bed, Joshua sat down to play. For those of you who know Joshua, you know what a treat this is. I was doubly thankful to have the piano here after about two seconds with him at the keys.

This morning, I rounded a corner to find Thomas perched on the very top of the piano. My first thought was horror. My second was laughter. And the third, the one I acted on, was to calmly get him down, explain to him that he had done something that was wrong, and let him know that if I caught him up there again, there would be consequences.

What? Consequences? Okay, Mom.

Not ten minutes later, I found my son literally climbing up the bookshelf. His feet were on the third shelf(the one his hand is resting on in the picture!), and he was still trying to go up.

This time, the first thought was horror. The second, laughter. The third was awe...I mean, when did he learn to do that anyway? And the fourth was the pep talk. Some will argue that I should have spanked at this point. But, I said not to climb on the piano. I didn't' say a word about the bookshelf. One of the things I learned at the daycare is that you have to s-p-e-l-l it out for kids, especially boys.

So, Thomas and I chatted about how furniture is not for climbing on. And while we were chatting, Gracie was trying to climb the bookshelf. For her efforts, we now have one broken piece of picture frame glass.

It is not quite 11am as I tap out this entry. My son is sitting contentedly on the floor trying to put his shoes on my feet. My daughter is napping. And I am wondering if we should just invest in one of those climbing walls...or maybe just get the swingset put up! Hmmm...

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The Fannings said...

you may not have room for it, but the bookshelf is very pretty. good choice. oh yea, and the kid is pretty dang cute, too.