Monday, August 07, 2006

Sarah's Happy Birthday

Our little Sarah Grace had her first birthday this weekend! I walked into her room Saturday morning singing 'Happy Birthday', and watching her sunny little face smile as she danced and clapped her hands. By the time her Daddy sang to her at breakfast, she was looking a little confused by the new song that everyone kept directing towards her. She probably thinks the song hers now, as she heard it several more times that day!

We threw a party to mark her first year on Sunday afternoon, and were humbled by all the folks who came to her celebration. Family and friends, some who drove 8+ hours to be here, gathered on an entirely too hot afternoon in our overcrowded home to visit and eat cake! It was such a blessing to have them all here. We feasted on cake and cookies and other assorted unhealthy snacks, then turned the children out to the swimming pool to rinse off and cool off. All those cute diapered babies!

Gracie enjoyed her first taste of cake, loved all the attention, and was happy as a clam in the pool. She wasn't quite so interested in her gifts, but was pleased to have pretty paper to chew on! Thomas, on the other hand, has gotten quite a bit of mileage from new toys that Sarah received. We are now focusing on helping him to understand that they are not 'MINE' (oh, that word!); that they are in fact Sarah Grace's toys and he must not take them from her. She is gracious enough to share, praise the Lord!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, those who were able to come. It was so wonderful to share this milestone in our daughter's life with our loved ones! For everyone else who called or sent cards or prayers, we thank you and we missed you!


The Fannings said...

she is cute! and when did she get more hair???

chad.williams said...

Hey! My children are on your blog! =) Thanks for letting us be a part of the celebration. It was very entertaining to watch Sarah Grace open her gifts... almost as entertaining as it was to watch Thomas eat his cupcake while sitting under the table. (And while I'm thinking about it, you might want to invest in a filter for your pool...) =)

Kimberly Bergman said...

Hey! It is so hard to believe how much they have grown. I have gotten to watch them grow since day one and it still amazes me. I love you all!
your lil' sister