Sunday, July 30, 2006

The First Language

Vocabulary skills around here grow daily. We have to monitor every word that comes out of our mouths in an effort not to hear words that we don't want to hear.


I really, really, really, really dislike this word. It didn't bother me so much about six weeks ago. But now, well, Thomas has learned it. And I am to blame. Rather than saying, 'That belongs to Mommy;" I started this hateful phrase that now rings throughout the house daily by saying, "No, Thomas/Sarah, that is mine". I only hear it once or twice...about every other minute, that is.

Suffice it to say, lesson learned. It is amazing the things that you just don't think about. I mean, sure, you don't want your kid saying shut-up or stupid, so you don't introduce these. (Not to worry, someone will) But, 'mine'? Ack!

On the flip side, we do have tons of fun words. When the kids are playing, I often hear "Gyaaaaacccceeeeeeee" resounding from some corner where Thomas can be found bellowing for his sister. And to my utter amusement, she will drop what she is doing, and go toddling off in search of him. Then the giggling begins. Warms this Mommy's heart.

Cooking in the kitchen is entertaining, too. When using the microwave, my human timer yells 'BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP" when the food is done warming. And he loves to push the "buts" (buttons) to make it beeeeeeeep. "Buts" is also what you hear when Thomas decides that the garage door needs to be opened or closed, or the doorbell needs to chime.

"Dai-daine" means a motorized flying object in the sky. "Dea itiz" means there it is. "Noooon" is the great glowing orb that hangs in the night sky. And the only number that really exists is "Yate" (eight). It is comical to hear "uh, oo, yee, you, uh, ya, uh, YATE!" I never get tired of it. I am also partial to the Thomas Freeman rendition of the Alphabet Song. Alas, I have not the typing skills to make that one come to life. =)

The absolute all time winner is table talk in the evenings. We get seated for dinner, and Joshua and I will be chatting. Sarah Grace and Thomas are prone to put in their two cents occasionally. Then, suddenly, a small hand smacks down on the table, he props his elbow on the arm of his chair, leans towards his Daddy, and all I catch is the oh-so-serious face and a string of "Yadonohseerahkenboodeahontbitsrah?!"

Daddy contemplates this, and then responds with Braves stats, political hogwash, or some wise advice on how you should treat women.


The Fannings said...

sometimes I think your kids are talking more than mine. stupid genetics. yours got all the brains. mine got... the rascally stuff.

Laura said...

Hi guys,

I remember when Kasey did this Yadonohseerahkenboodeahontbitsrah?!thing. He did it in the form of a question. Made me crazy not to be able to answer him . . . I was sure he knew what he was asking!

Love you,