Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Day One

I am bending to peer pressure. Several of our friends continuously hound us for more emails concerning what is going on in our daily lives. (Many of them do not have children yet, and therefore, stories of our little arrows humor them all the more) And, because I do so enjoy sharing the antics of our family, I am folding. So, here goes the first post.

Today, we are shelving books. How's that for mundane? It is actually a little exciting, and a bit of a work out. I mean, these books have been packed away for quite some time. When we moved into the house, we realized that our book collection had outgrown our one little bookcase. Several times over, in fact. So, thanks to some smart shopping, we found some great bookshelves, and finally, we get to empty out the boxes that have been housing our books for so long. This excites me.

So, you wanna know about the work out, eh? Well, have you ever tried to unpack and categorize and shelve a bunch of books with two toddlers on the loose? Rest assured, books are a big 'No-No'. The fun of ripping pages is usually irresistible, so, we don't do 'big people' books, yet. (Big people books meaning ones that do not have cardboard pages) I have learned though, that anytime you bring out something new and colorful, it must be examined. Incidentally, I have chased down a couple books that have found legs today. And, much to my amusement, now that the kids are napping for the afternoon, I keep finding books peeking out from all manner of hiding places.


Jan Garrett said...

Greetings from your Realtor!!!It is so cute to read about your moving in and unpacking adventures with those precious babies underfoot! Let me say again what a pleasure it was to work with you and Josh and I hope that your home is filled with love and laughter for several more years.. and its time to sell that one and buy a larger home( for those other children you plan on having !) If you have any friends that are looking to buy or sell of course know that I am always here for them and will give them 110% of my attention ! Take care and send photos of the house with those paint color changes !!!

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Andrew said...

What wonderful news to have waiting in my email. Just think of the time this will save us both. I won't have to write those emails asking for updates, and you won't have to answer them! Wonderful idea, all the way around if you ask me. And books. You want them to have a love of books, but you also want to take them away when the try and destroy one. What to do.

The Fannings said...

Welcome to the fold, my friend. Funny how little ones can do so much damage in such a short amount of time with just a few books, eh? I'd commiserate, but I'm on the beach living the good life. :-) Funny, though, I miss the little ones and their destructive ways. Ah, we're never satisfied are we?

Sgossett said...

Hello Sweet Freeman Family,

How fun to keep up with you guys! We will look forward to more posts. We enjoy watching our grandson's posts, also!