Wednesday, November 02, 2016

A Few Months Worth of Pictures

Our Herd - Swim team 2016.  We log a lot of hours at the pool during early summer!
Towards the end of swim team season, the coaches put on a huge fun day for the kids.  Shaving cream wars are a big it.  Here's Sarah Grace and I *think* that's her bestie, Abigail. 
Sarah discovered her love for back-stroke and participated in the city-wide meet.  We were all proud of her hard work!
Killing time at city meet with Abigail. 
This little dude did NOT do swim team.  He spent his pool time wooing the life guards and monkeying around during meets.
Flag foot-ball with Thomas was another summer activity.  It was his last year to play and he really enjoyed every aspect of it.

Shenanigans on the sidelines. 
Sarah was often found doodling away during football games.  Or spinning stories for the rest of the family. 
The undefeated 2016 Packers!
Elizabeth's mission in life is to steer clear of the lens, but here's a true to life picture of our little Sunshine. 

Talk Like a Pirate Day, 2016.  It's a thing.  And Krispy Kreme gives free donuts to visiting pirates. 
This beauty has lows in the night on a semi-regular basis.  While it's not the way I would recommend getting one on one time with a child, it has proven to be a sweet time with her.  She has such a wonderfully good attitude, even if she occasionally has to be prodded into being awake enough to eat something. 
Speaking of sweet, these two have such a special bond.  They play together so well and their laughter is loud and contagious.  Here they are on their patiently awaited McWane Center date.  Full disclosure: I took this picture as we were going in just in case one of them wandered off. 
This little girl went to Camp Seale Harris' diabetes day camp this summer.  This was just before her first day - she was SO excited and loved every minute of camp!! 
Elizabeth Hope Freeman.  This little lady was baptized at our annual church retreat. 
Shopping sisters. 
This picture, y'all.  It's perfectly captures the spirit of the relationship these two sisters have. 
This kid.  He makes me crazy some moments, but I'm so proud of him.  I love him to the moon and back. 
We participated in the Kids Bowl Free program this summer.  It was a lot of fun but our favorite time was when my Dad came to bowl with us! 
Thomas and Sarah got ENO hammocks for their birthdays this year.  A LOT of time has been spent doing school work, reading books, giggling, and just hanging our in those hammocks.  I'm especially partial to when they stack them like this. 

Sarah had a big birthday bash at the lake this year and we learned that the hammocks were also a LOT of fun when used in the boat slip! 
Joshua and all the kiddos inside a B-17, a War World II bomber. 
A pic of my sweet friend, Bethany, and me at the beach.  She's wearing Peter, her 4 month old cherub. 
Lizzie making sure that Peter got to put his toes in the water. 
My guy.  I'm so thankful he likes me! 

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