Monday, October 24, 2016

Beach Camping

Last year, we tried something new with our family.  We all went camping.... at the beach.  We enjoyed it so much that we reserved spots for this year and did it again!

Here's the thing about beach camping:  packing is a bear.  You're packing to go camping - tents, sleeping bags, cooking gear, food, all the stuff.  BUT.  You're also packing to go to the beach - towels, swimsuits, beach toys, portable shade (for me!), sunscreen, all the stuff.

So by the time your ready to actually roll out of the driveway, you basically have half your house packed to go with you and it's time to find a place to cram all the people. 

It's a really good thing that being there is so fun because getting ready to go is nothing short of exhausting. 

But get there, we did!  And with the added bonus of friends!  16 people, 14 bikes, 6 coolers, 5 days of vacation, 4 tents, 2 vans, 1 trailer, 2 campsites, and a partridge in a pear tree.  Florida has beautiful state parks and we enjoyed the scenery, the short bike ride to the beach, the shuffle board courts, and the freedom to just relax.  Plus we took a day trip to another state park, Eden Gardens.  Just gorgeous!  

Sarah Grace as a Mermaid

Daniel and Lucy


Eden Gardens

Lillianna, Anna, and Lucy

Anna spent a fair portion of the week learning to cartwheel.  I have lots of pictures of her upside down with her legs thrown in the air and haphazard angles!

The younger crew stayed closer and were easier to get pictures of.  The older kids walked up and down the beach looking for beach life and played out in the waves for hours at a time. 

Meal time was fun.

The little girls kept us in supply of treasures to use as centerpieces for the tables. 

The only picture I took of Thomas - he was so rarely to be found sitting still!

Sarah Grace and Caroline.  These two girls loved their 'extended sleep over'! 

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