Thursday, October 15, 2015

Boys Will Be Boys

The baby of the family gets a lot more leeway than any other child.  Partially because we as the parents are so much more relaxed than we were with the first couple (and by 'relaxed', I probably really mean 'tired').  Partially because the youngest learns early on how to play their cards just so.

We've never had a four year old as the youngest in our family.  Four year olds teeter on the brink of childhood.  They are making that permanent break with babyhood but, thankfully, they string it out over a year.  Pretty sure the Lord did that for the Mama hearts.

That year is proving precious beyond belief.

I was sitting at my desk sorting through the papers when he galloped over to tell me some story.  I'll never know what he was going to tell me about because about three words in, he passed gas like a teen-aged boy.  He began giggling, which increased his gaseous emissions, which increased his laughter and the circle continued. 

Here we were, laughing together for all we're worth as the gas and the giggles kept coming.  My camera was on hand to I grabbed it up and began taking pictures.  Because those laughing moments are precious, regardless of what brings them about.

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