Monday, December 02, 2013

This Is Why Monday Has A Bad Rap

It started off like any other day... the alarm clock went off, Joshua hushed it once, and we snuggled back down for those last few savored moments of sleep. 

Then the ding-dang thing went off again. 

I have a love-hate relationship with snooze.  It's like when you were a kid and visiting with a friend and Mama said, "Five more minutes to play before we leave."  You groaned because your fun time was about to end, but man, a lot could happen in five minutes! I can get some good rest in before that stinking alarm starts sounding again. 

In all honesty, Joshua gets up and I stay snugged under the covers until he's done (and often times longer), but the reality is that we both have to get up and get moving.  He has a job he has to go to and our children are already bouncing around the house busily getting ready for the day and eating breakfast.  They need me to come supervise and referee and kiss boo-boos and read books and make meals.

That's the plan, anyway.  I wrote it on paper, printed it out, and posted it where we could all see it.  Surely, that's what they do before I emerge from my room.
Courtesy of Life's Mirror Images

 Random photo of me and my sweetheart because I can. 

So our day was chugging along rather smoothly when breaking glass and a scream pierced the Christmas music filled air.  I hollered out my usual "FREEZE" warning as I jumped up and ran to the kitchen. 

Anna was standing with tears streaming down her face, a very strong smell wafted through the air, and a puddle of precious green-blue liquid spread across the floor.  Somehow she'd managed to knock a brand new bottle of essential oil out of the cabinet.  It crashed into then shattered across the floor.  The whole kitchen smelled like a wonderful, soothing forest.  Balance, one of our favorite oils. 

I felt very zen as I blotted up the oil and swept up the glass. 

Good thing, too.  Four minutes after that first crash, somebody upended what was left of a gallon of apple cider all over the kitchen floor. 

I was standing at the kitchen sink washing the excess oil off my hands when the splatter-splat hit my hears and cold liquid started seeping through the back of my pants legs. 

I'm not sure what possessed the child to turn the jug upside down.  I am sure I just sighed as I informed the child to clean up the mess and mop the kitchen floor. 

I went to the living room and texted Lora Lynn about my insanity only to hear she was having her own moment of crazy.  

Imagine.  A mom with a lot of children having a moment (or two) of crazy.

Things settled out for a bit.  We were all ridiculously laid back (Balance users can totally understand this!) and just cruised on through lunch.

After lunch, my sister Amy appeared on the scene and promptly broke a mirror.  She dropped it on the kitchen floor.  I guess I should have warned her about the jinxed mojo of the room.

Not long after that, a certain two year old was caught red-handed playing in the girls 'kits' and this sweet little two year old managed to paint her face, the faces of a couple of baby dolls, a spot here and there in the girls bedroom (it blends in well with the other spots that the girls have painted), her brothers leg, and even two of her toes!  She's a rosy-cheeked little smiler with lots of curiosity and I tried very hard not to giggle as I took in the scene.  Her poor mama probably didn't have to work as hard at not giggling as I did. 

Speaking of nails and zen states... my own nails are a lovely hue of glittery teal.  I'm not much of one for anything other than a deep crimson on my toenails, but my new nail-do has me giggling and wondering if I'm having a mid-mid-life crisis...

Yep, teal colored nails and yoga pants. 

Oh, yoga pants!  If you haven't seen me giggling about this on facebook, I'll go ahead and share it here, as well.  It'll do much to help chase away the Monday grumpies. 

Seems you're getting a lot of random stuff.  Think I'll release your eyeballs for now.  

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