Friday, December 06, 2013

Be Merry

Every year, I set out to decorate my home for Christmas.  Every year, mid-December gets here and all I have is a tree and some scattered tinsel. 

Well, there was the one year I put greenery on the mantle.  That was a fait accompli if there ever was one. 

This year is proving no different.  I'm not as laid back as my sweet friend Lora (who I've referred to a lot lately, but the girl is making bloggy waves, so I'm gonna link to her Fantastic Article for Mamas Everywhere again) and I dream of having one of those homes that magazines trip over to use as their 'this is how your house should look' masterpieces. 

Or at least something that's Pinterest worthy.  I do love me some Pinterest and all the fab ideas I glean from it.  I'm not a hater like some folks.  I know my capabilities and I'm REALLY glad that there are so many who can exceed my abilities.  Otherwise, we'd all have blank walls in our homes for four years before we were brave enough to dent the sheetrock with a nail.

My goal tonight was to get the "Give Thanks" phrase off my chalkboard.  Honestly, Thanksgiving is over, we can quit dwelling on thankfulness and blessings.  It's time to put wrapping paper on everything in the house and shop, shop, shop. 

Ha!  I kid.  I try to avoid every store in town for the entirety of December.

For the past several days, I've been thinking on what I wanted the board to say.  I wanted it to reflect Christ and this special time of year as we celebrate His birth. 

I knew exactly what I wanted.

Obviously, I wasn't part of the pep club in high school.  I can't write in bubble letters or form pretty art from mere letters. 

As you can see, it's not exactly flowery or awe inspiring or even Jesus-y.  I guess it fits in well with the rest of my Christmas decor... not quite what I'd really like, but cozy and fun anyway. 

That's what I tell myself.  And my kids? 

They're just thrilled to search for our Elf on the Shelf each morning and do Jesse Tree each evening.  I'd say it all evens out. 

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