Monday, November 18, 2013

A Pocket Full of Sunshine

Elizabeth earned her nickname early on in life.  We had no way of knowing that she would grow into that nickname so completely.  Her blonde hair, when left to it's own vices, curls back off her face in lovely golden waves and her smile is big and just makes ya feel good, like sunshine on your face after a long winter.

I had the privilege of an Elizabeth date recently.  Cold weather tiptoed to Alabama just in time for our night out, but there was no deterring this one from her heart's desire:  Ice cream from the Ice Cream Store.

We first went shopping for skinny jeans (the girl LOVES her some skinny jeans and cowgirl boots, y'all!) and once we'd successfully completed that task, we were off to the ice cream store of her choice.

We admired the rows of ice cream buckets emptied to various levels and, as we were the only customers in the store, dawdled about the decision making process grotesquely longer than should be legal.  Between us, I think we may have sampled every flavor they had to offer before she settled on rainbow sherbert (the first sample she'd tried) and I chose some delectable concoction of chocolate with generous ribbons of caramel run through it and healthy doses of almonds. 

We were giddy and goofy and giggly as we took our time over that ice cream and it didn't matter a bit to us that it was literally freezing cold outside.  She's my favorite little Sunshine in the whole world, and I love that I get these dates with her one on one, making memories that ours and ours alone. 

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