Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sunny Girls

It's a lazy day here. Thomas is with my parents for the day. Elizabeth and I went to a ladies prayer breakfast this morning, and Joshua and Sarah Grace slept until 9:15. Spring is turning to summer, and though it is about ten degrees cooler than it was this time last week, we are drinking in the warm sun beams.

Elizabeth had a few minutes of sunning on her Daddy's chest this morning. She seemed to enjoy the sunshine, lifting her little face up and smiling a bit. I caught her with her head up, but managed to miss the sweet smile every time.

While Elizabeth relaxed in her Daddy's arms, Sarah Grace kept my arms, er, legs occupied. She was only slightly impressed with her stint as an airplane, and preferred to cuddle instead. No arguments here!

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Lora Lynn said...

Nice pedicure, Aubrey.