Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Second Day of Kindergarten/First/Fourth Grade!

Yesterday was our first full blown day of school.  Well, except our history curriculum because I conveniently neglected to look at the book at all until two weeks ago and I suddenly realized we had NONE of the supplemental books.

I like to fly by the seat of my pants, but I might have just pushed it a wee-tad too far this time...

Ahem.  Let's start again, shall we?

Yesterday was our first full blown day of school.  The kids bounced on their little toes, anxious to get their hands on all the pretty new books that have been stacked and waiting for the beginning of the school year since March.

See, I started to plan ahead....

They piled into the school room and I directed them to their seats and started handing out new school supplies.  They ooohed and aaahed in a way that would make you think they didn't pick out their own notebooks and what not (they did, by the way).  Everyone eagerly sharpened their new pencils that are emblazoned with sparkly words declaring what grade the owner is in.  Then they tucked in and we got to work.

This is the part where I'm thankful that Daniel has seen his way to be sweetly having a growth spurt right now and needs two naps a day in order to be even remotely agreeable to be around.  It makes the what-to-do-with-the-baby question SO much easier to contend with!  Obviously, this picture was taken just before he went down. 

As they settled in around the table, Thomas couldn't help himself...he burst into song.  The kid aspires to be a Newsie when he grows up.

We were really groovin' to the new schedule and wrapped up pretty much on time.  The afternoon school session with just the top three went really well.  All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better start to the school year.

Today, I woke up with an upset stomach and a killer headache.  I readily agreed when Joshua brought Daniel to me after his breakfast and said maybe Daniel needed a bit more rest.  I reached for Daniel and the two of us slept/rested for two more hours! The older four were allowed to watch T.V. until Mommy made an appearance.

Only the second day of school, and I blew our routine to bits.  Not only was our morning shot, but our afternoon was promised out in various different ways.  Which is why we started school at 5 this afternoon.  I abbreviated what we'd be doing only to have the kids BEG to do ALL of their school work.

Um, y'all, it's looking like a pretty good year! How long you think they'll keep this up??

And you, are you off and running with your school year yet?  How's it going??

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Anonymous said...

I'm in awe that you can homeschool that many children at the same time. How do you give everyone the attention they need? --- Alana