Thursday, August 15, 2013

Birthday Month

It's a big month around here. 

Thomas is 355 days older than Sarah Grace.  If it's too late (or too early) or if your math skills are just a bit rusty, that's not quite a year apart in age.  Neither of them have any idea what it's like to function without the other. 

What that means in day-to-day terms is that there is constant struggle for one-up-manship between them.  They squabble loudly and shout "That's not fair" to one another and occasionally to Joshua or me.  Their interests are mostly very different, but where those interests overlap, there is brutal competition.  Things can get very intense.

Gritty and grainy, but priceless.  

But in between the arguing and sleeping?  They play hard.  They giggle and are silly.  They plan and plot.  They are sincere and loving.  The are fierce and protective. 

My heart squeezes watching the super special bond these two have.  And those sweet little ten days each year when they're both the 'same age'?  It causes my Mama's heart no end of reflection on the events the past years have paraded through my life. 

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