Friday, June 22, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Risk

Five Minute Friday

Pulling up with no safety net, he glances around to determine where he will go next.  One hand reaches for the goal, the other clutches the starting point.  He puts one foot out and then the other, necessitating that his hands both be free in order to balance and carry on. He falls and looks up at me as I cheer him on.

I reach out my hands and he reaches back, pulling up again.  I give him balance and guide him, speaking softly to him how proud I am and what a brave boy he is.  

As I see my baby boy take this risk to farther his understanding of the world and how things work, I feel encouraged to take my next step.  Holding tightly to the Father's hand, I reach forward, unsure of the path, or even the destination.  But I know He's there, whispering His encouragement and guidance to me.

Still scary, but not as daunting.


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Chelo Beazley said...

This is a good and very true parallel. Beautiful and encouraging! Thank you for sharing your heart.