Saturday, June 23, 2012

Father's Day Outtakes

Pinterest.  What did I ever do before that blessed pass-time?  My house is like a Pinterest Gallery.  No, really.  Wander about Pinterest for a bit and then come on over.

Look at that, I just started this post and already I'm sidetracked and gushing about an almost un-related topic.

But isn't Pinterest related to everything?!?!!


So this is what I found on Pinterest that made me happy this time.  I went right out to Hobby Lobby and bought me some letters, brought 'em home and painted 'em up.  Then the kids and I went to the Botanical Gardens and played.

Here is the finished product.

It's going to work with him.  That way, when I call him because somebody is walking a bit too close to my last little nerve, he can just look at those sweet faces on the wall and speak encouragement into my frazzled little heart.  

But as you well know, with kids it takes plenty of 'not quite what I wanted' shots before you get the 'perfect' or at least 'good enough for me' pose.

The older three have this posing for the camera stuff down pat, so my outtakes are only from the younger two.  Anna was totally hamming it up for me while Daniel just preferred to hold his letter smack in front of his face, making it hard to get a shot of his sweet mug and the letter.  Or toss it to the ground and crawl on it. 

Add that to the fact that for some reason there is a time delay between shots on our camera and I am so not adept with a camera that I couldn't figure out how to make that delay stop and snap pictures faster.

But that's just details, right?

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Heather M. said...

You are my pinterest... soooo stealing this! Thanks for the idea :)