Thursday, December 15, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Connected


We come into this world with a dependency on being connected. We cling to our Mommas those first few years as we discover the art of breathing, eating, walking, and talking. We make friends at each playground we visit, rarely remembering their names, but quite clear on the details of whatever game we invented.

School years give us a glimpse of understanding the world around us as we learn how numbers and verbs and history and construction paper all interrelate. We make friends with whom we tell our secrets and grouse about the cruelties of our inexperienced lives.

Soon our hearts are drawn towards the special bond of a lifetime. We say the I Do's and our lips meet, announcing to all present of the connection we have and the commitment we are making.

And it starts over, this time from a different perspective. We watch our bellies grow with the miracle of a child. How our bodies are connected to theirs for those magical months, and the beautiful fragility of forever wearing our hearts outside of us when the wrinkly, crying babe is laid in our arms.

We live our lives reaching out and making connections. We are a being made to give love and need love. Our hearts long to have deep and meaningful relationships. It's the perfect way in which God has designed us. It's overwhelming. It's beautiful. It's hard.


These five minute exercises generally find me unable to fluidly get my thoughts into order and tapped out. But I do so love them. How about you?


Shanda said...

You are right: God has designed us for connection. He wants us to be a family.

Loni said...

Ohhh, so beautifully written! Thank you for sharing! :)

pinks said...

"It's overwhelming. It's beautiful. It's hard." This was amazing. My heart swelled as I read your words. Thank you for sharing.


Missi said...


Deeapaulitan said...

I've been doing a lot of thinking about this lately. It hurts sometimes to try to connect when no one is reaching back in your direction. I listen to a great TED video about it (not Christian, but insightful), and it has continued to be a subject of my prayers and heart as I go through my days.
here's the link if you are interested in that video...