Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baby Bites

There are facets of mothering that make me cringe. Bloody knees, vomitous kids, and learning to ride without training wheels are among the contenders for top Cringe Causer.

So is feeding them 'solid' food those first few times. When it takes twenty-eleven spoon swipes and re-shovel attempts before you get one eensy-weensy little bite in their bellies. Or slopped up with slobber down the front of their bibs.

It's a futile exercise that I generally put off until sometime in the sixth month. But this Baby Boy, he came with an Appetite. Doctors say four months is fine, and so we dove right in after Joshua and I returned from our Blissful Beach Weekend.

More on that another time. *GreatBigHappyGrin*

The only redeeming factor in those first few total waste-of-baby-food episodes is the hilarious faces babies make upon tasting new fare.

However, I didn't manage to catch one of those faces. My iPhone is old technology and can't keep pace with my needs to have it click every .04 seconds and catch my darling baby boy's charming mug. It is mildly painful that I missed those funny pics, but I've captured for posterity's sake those first few bites.

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