Friday, August 05, 2011

Sarah Grace is 6

Dear Sarah Grace,

I keep looking at you and wondering where the past six years have flown off to. I remember the red-faced bundle of you that was handed to me in the hospital. I remember your crazy hair that insisted on standing straight up for several months that first year. Your solemn little face, your need to put everything in a row.



You have always been a cheerful little girl, though you were a bit stingy with those lovely smiles the first couple of years. You've always been serious about whatever task you were given, through and meticulous. There were several giggles as you slowly toddled down the aisle at your Aunt Kim's wedding and very carefully dropped flower petals, one at at time, on either side of you.


As you have grown, you have branched out and tried many different things. Gymnastics, soccer, and ballet are areas that you have very studiously put forth all your effort to master to the very best of your ability. Half-way is not an option in your life. From chores and school work to play and friendships, you are an all or nothing type of gal.


Your beautiful smile and sweet giggles have become much more frequent in the past two years. Your sense of humor is keen, and your wit sharp. You put thought into your words rather than just spouting forth noise, and your Daddy and I are frequently amazed by how perceptive you are.



Your have a singular sense of style that either has me laughing or has me helping you rethink an outfit. Seldom do I fall between those ends of the spectrum. You love all things Girl, leaving me gasping for breath and wondering how I am ever going to keep pace with you.

But mostly, you just make me proud. Proud to be your Mama and humbled that the Lord saw fit to give you to us to raise up. Love you, sweet girl! Happy 6th Birthday!!!


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