Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Moment Blessings

"Anna?" I called.

"What, Mommy?" came her sweet reply.

"I need some love from you. Can you come give me hugs?"

"Well, I'm busy wif my dollhouse wight now. Maybe way-ter."

I giggled. Then I ran across the room, scooped her up and showered her little face with kisses while hugging her close.

"Mom! I can't deal wif dat wight now! I needa go pway!"

But she grinned when I asked for just one little kisser, wrapped her arms around my neck, and planted a sweet, sloppy, two-year-old style kiss on my face.

It's these little moments that make me love my job and energize me to keep doing it. In all the crazy that happens in our daily routines, there are seconds of sweetness that bless my Mama heart.

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