Thursday, May 19, 2011


You know they exist. Those pictures of you as a kid wearing really ugly clothes. Outfits that were never meant to be an ensemble.

As teenagers, we are mortified by those pictures. As engaged couples, we smile indulgently as our mothers trot them out for the world to see. As mothers, we resolve that our children will never wear anything but adorable little outfits, neatly pressed and precisely matched.

Every. Single. Day.

I've yet to meet anyone who manages to to stick to their guns on that perfectly pressed and dressed child in their imagination. Life with it's M&M's and mud puddles get in the way. Grease stains from the potato chips and hot dogs. And before you know it, you're laughing as you snap pictures of your rag-a-muffin offspring.

Naturally, if your a blogger, you post those pictures online for the world to see. Because despite the too-short pants, the plaids and polka dots and stripes combined in a less than couture way, the shoes on the wrong feet, and the hair that must, must, must be worn down and stringy in the face of your precious little girl, those children are your pride and joy.

So let's celebrate children and their ripe sense of fashion. Allow them to be-bop around in those mismatched outfits and revel in the glorious-ness of childhood.

Just be sure you catch it on film so as to share it and carry on the grand tradition of eating crow, hmm?


Anonymous said...

and I thought it was just the family color blindness in the next generation

Kitty said...

Haha, I got these for you if they upload!


Trust me: it's better to let them make their own choices. I had a lady in a grocery store point to Terri's feet and say, "Her shoes are on the wrong feet." To which I replied, "No, they are on her feet so that makes them right feet." The lady did not appreciate my humor.