Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Daniel - 2 Weeks

Why yes, I do believe we have all but fallen off the edge of the Earth. Just chalk it up to having a newborn in the house. He's usually a pretty good baby, but occasionally he burns my candle at both ends.

And yet, he manages to look all rested the next day while I stumble around begging for nap time to come quickly.

As most of you know, we had settled on a girls name. I don't think either of us truly expected to produce a boy after all of our lovely little ladies. But when the baby arrived and Joshua announced "It's a boy!!!" and the nurses cleared out, Joshua and I looked at each other and at the teensy baby in my arms and laughed. Because we knew we hadn't even remotely settled on a name for a boy.

We had a list of six or seven names that we really liked, and so we tossed those about for the first 24 hours. Then the Birth Certificate Lady came. When we told her that we hadn't selected a name, she got a tad bit disjointed.

Are we really the only people who've gone to the hospital to have a baby and didn't have a name already picked out?

She left and Joshua and I laughed. We also got down to business on naming the baby boy who'd just assumed the moniker Little Dude.

We had honestly pretty well decided to name him Daniel. However, that is as far as we had gotten. We couldn't find a middle name that suited. We conversed on and off throughout the day as to what to add to Daniel to complete our son's name. At last, Joshua (thinking he was being humorous) said, "Well, I guess he can borrow my middle name."


I said it together. Daniel Harrison. I liked it. Joshua liked it.

Then we realized that in giving this name to our second son, both boys would have a part of their Daddy's name. My husband is Joshua Harrison. Our first son is Joshua Thomas. And now our second son is Daniel Harrison.

So it is that he was named.


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Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

See, I would argue that you've had four pregnancies to come up with a boys' name, or maybe three, I can't remember who all was a surprise. So I don't really know what you've been doing with all your gestational time, but I expected a name sooner than that. :-)

It's a very handsome name for a very handsome fellow. Am so glad I got to snuggle and teach him all about Aunt Lora love at a young age.

Love to you and the peeps.