Thursday, April 21, 2011

Week In Pictorial Review

I've been contracting for an entire week. At very evenly spaced ten minute intervals. My OB says my body is progressing and not to worry.

I'm not worried. I'm cranky.

So in an effort to not relive some of my crankiness, let's just look at pictures. Doesn't that sound more relaxing and inviting?

We buried our fish. His was a short but tough life, what with all the kids tapping at the bowl and spinning it around. Thomas was heartbroken, as it was his fish. He carefully selected a rock, cleaned it thoroughly, and printed Raindrop's name on it and the year of his death. It was a short graveside service, though I have seen Thomas sneak back under that tree and look upon his beloved fish's' grave several times since.

The kids didn't have a bad mitten net (and nobody was all that great at hitting the birdie anyway) so they just laid down a plastic pipe and batted the birdie around. It was entertaining for everyone, perhaps more so for the onlookers!

Spring has all the flowering bushes in our yard looking lovely and the kids can't resist picking and bringing the color inside. I love their gifts and I love the way they arranged this particular spray of color! All by themselves!

They also enjoy making rings of fallen pine needles (which we have in abundance!) into nests and decorating them with the flowers. They hope to attract the attention of a bird who will choose to nest in one of these beautiful nests!

We are wrapping up the school year! Thomas and Sarah Grace made a masterful leap from one math curriculum to another and are nearly done. I can't sing the praises of Math U See enough for freeing up so much of our time every day! We all enjoy it so much more!

What's your week been like?

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