Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Leading Up To The End...And The Beginning!

My OB told me lots of things on Monday that I wanted to hear. Not the part about measuring beyond 40 weeks...no Mommy wants to hear that. It just sounds ominous. But the parts about dilation and effacement that we won't go into further detail over, those parts were good. Those parts made this Mama's heart sing with anticipation.

The part about being surprised that I made it another week, we won't rehash that. Nobody can believe I made it another week. The part about me probably having a baby by noon today, given the signs my body was showing, we won't revisit that. The part about going just a few more days to see if I went naturally, fine. We can talk about that if you want.

But let's get to the nitty-gritty, make this Mama happy, super-sweet, I can't wait part.

If Babe doesn't make his or her appearance in the next 33 hours, my wonderful doctor, who knows my impatience and discomfort and anxiousness to meet this child, is going to get involved to help speed things up. 6AM Thursday morning. Can I get a Hallelujah?

I don't relish the idea of the possibility of pitocin, but I can totally get excited about breathing again. And holding this precious little someone in my arms. About kissing my baby's soft little baby head. Soft skin and little toes. Baby cries and baby sighs. Tiny fists. Wonderfully made by a God who has a perfect plan for His child.

Yes, Little One, I am anxious. I can't wait to hold you and sing to your sweet face and whisper in your teensy ear. I can't wait to see you in your Daddy's arms. I can't wait to introduce your brother and sisters to you. You are much loved and we are all ready to pour out into you.


Fran said...

Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!! Congrats and hope everything is smooth sailing from this point on.

Miranda said...

Anxiously awaiting the good news :). Sending "easy" labor vibes your way ... ;)

Andrew said...

And Auntie Lora's coming to see you, sweet little one!!!!!

HisTreasuredPossession said...

So very excited! Praying for a beautiful birth story. Love u girl. xoxox

Cheryl said...

I am checking your blog everyday for the good news! I am so excited for you guys...I can't wait to see that precious new baby! I love you ALL!!!

Aunt Cheryl

Anonymous said...

such a sweet and exciting blog post. I am so excited for you all. We'll be praying for you!