Thursday, November 18, 2010


The kids were all playing upstairs. I was enjoying a few minutes of peace and a cup of hot chocolate and sitting in a sunbeam.

Really, it was that perfect.

I heard Thomas bellow for help. At least one pair of little feet went running across the floor.

"I'm having a bad hair day!" exclaimed Sarah Grace.

"I know. I can see. But come help me!" replied Thomas.

"I can't! I'm having a bad hair day!" wailed Sarah Grace in return.

To my credit, I didn't snort hot chocolate through my nose.

Y'all, she's five. Just keep that in mind. Five! And already bad hair days are preventing her from living life.

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Missi said...

I put a night light on the landing in the stairway and the kids have been "camping out" around it for hours at a time. Who knew?