Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I Think The Postman May Have Cried A Little When He Delivered This

I get all grinny when ladies come into my home and comment on the scents. I can't help it. I'm not trying to be boastful, but my house generally smells pretty good. I adore coming home after an afternoon out and inhaling the scent of home.

Part of it is due to the natural, homemade cleaners I use. I scent them to my choosing, occasionally even remembering to make it match the season. And then, as if that weren't enough, I let the kids use those cleaners. And they are liberal, believing that standing liquid equates cleanliness. They know how to work a trigger sprayer, people.

Another contributing factor to the friendly scents that I love, love, love, love, love! are my soaps. When I say 'my soaps' what I mean is the soap I use. I don't make this. I totally and unashamedly order my soaps from Missi, who I also like to call my friend. She writes a fun blog, too!

My most recent delivery of soap!

We started using Cheeky Maiden soaps about four years ago. Thomas' eczema had reached a nearly out of control point, and I despised putting steroid cream on his precious skin all the time. I had done some reading on different essential oils that were known to help, and went to Missi (a local-ish Mom who runs her own home-based business) to ask if she could add a particular oil to a soap she used to carry. She responded with a 'I don't see why not' and a little while later, I received a brick of soap.

Since I was ordering anyway, I added a few extras in for me. Like Happy Thoughts, which is now my all time favorite! And something for Joshua, Texas Ranger. Because a mild chocolate scent in your man's soap is really, um, enticing. Can I say that on a family friendly blog?

The first box was a scent-sational surprise! It smelled so wonderful and my kids were clamoring to 'help'. And they were tiny back in those days, people. Thomas was 2, Gracie was 1, and Lizzie was just a newborn. Finally, I convinced them to stand back far enough that I could use a sharp object to cut the tape and not fear splicing them in the process.

The all natural ingredients and lack of commercial perfumes or dyes showed a difference in Thomas' skin within the week. And Joshua and I were so impressed with the scents and the way the soap didn't dry out our own skin the way our store bought soap did.

We have never looked back. We have never bought any more commercial soap since our first Cheeky Maiden purchase, though I will admit to trying other all-natural soaps. I'm always glad to see the end of a bar that Missi didn't make, and have altogether quit trying anything else.

I have tried probably all her soaps at this point. I use her shea butter moisturizers. I love her lip balm. I use the baby bars on my littlest ones. I'd get a t-shirt, but she doesn't have any!

Naturally, since I am such a huge fan of Missi's wonderful, yummy, and perfect soaps, I was thrilled when my friend Lora chose Missi's soaps to use in her Hope Suds. (HopeSuds are another reason my home smells so yummy!!)

And so it is that I look oh-so-forward to each and every delivery from Missi! I do wonder how the mailman can stand parting with her parcels, though...

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Missi said...

Awwww...thanks! Geez. I'm blushing ten shades of red. <3