Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Recent Randomness

I was flipping through pictures today and ran across several that make me smile. So I am posting them, each with their own quick story. Hopefully one of these days, as my kids flip through the books that this blog is creating, they will smile and laugh and be glad I recorded these little moments.

Sarah Grace commandeered her brothers dress up clothes. She utilized his tool belt to carry Ariel and her accouterments in. It totally cracked me up!

From somebody's cell phone into our photo album. Anna and her Daddy. Two of my faves, people!

A 'nest' that the kids created in the base of a neat tree in our yard. Complete with some nice decoration to make it all homey for the family of birds they are hoping to attract.

Anna's perch for a large portion of the time we spent at the play ground several weeks ago. She just sat contentedly singing to herself and swinging her little legs back and forth.

Elizabeth reading. She was just so peaceful. It made me have one of those rushes of affection. This picture brings back that moment.

Thomas joined the men in our church for the annual shoot-out this year. There is a movie clip of him laughing and looking at the camera as he squeezed several rounds off. I am not posting that. If you want to see that clip, you need to come to the house. I am afraid DHR might come and get us for posting that kind of hilarity. But doesn't he look studly with the pink rifle? A man with confidence.

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