Friday, May 07, 2010

Riding In Trucks With Kids

This moving thing is making me do all sort of crazy things. Today, for instance, I sent my husband off to work in our van. Our van, with it's three rows of seating. Rows that keep the kids noisiness away from my tender ears.

The kids and I took the truck. The three girls were lined up across the back seat, Anna in a carseat and the other two in booster seats, while Thomas delighted in all things front seat. His hand may still be smarting from the swats intended to discourage him from toying with every.single.button. he could find.

We had about a three hour round trip errand to run, with a nice long stop right in the center so Mommy to load up a couple of twin beds into the back of the truck.

It was a long ride. Anna had been deprived of her morning nap, all for the sake of getting moved into the house (a process which most people don't drag out for nearly as long as we are!). When we got out to the lake house, where I officially smuggled the beds from, the kids burst out of the van and ran wild circles for nearly the entirety of my work. Somewhere along the way, they picked up a couple of miniature squirt guns and proceeded to douse everything with small spritzes of water.

Then we loaded back into the truck. And hunger, sleepiness, and general discontentment boiled to the surface. I tried to sing songs or tell stories, but they would have none of it. Particularly the smallest child, who at this point, hadn't been relegated to the bed of the truck for the sole fact that it's illegal. Finally, I caved and we went to the nearest set of Golden Arches.

As I passed out fries and cheeseburgers, peace stole across our vehicle. Once the kids bellies were full, the silliness began.

People, silly with this crew is utterly undefinable. You simply have to witness it first hand to truly appreciate the inane-ness of it all.

Knock-knock jokes with zero punch lines, 'why did the (fill in the blank with random animal or small kitchen appliance) cross the road' followed up with answers that are only funny to people under the age of six, and an over-abundance of made-up songs.


...our kids are particularly partial to Veggie Tales Silly Songs. And so, in his best European accent, Thomas set Sarah Grace up with this...

'And now it's time for Silly Songs with Sarah, the part of the show where Sarah comes out and sings a Silly Song. And now, without further adieu, Silly Songs with Sarah!'

Sarah hummed a few bars and launched into her very own silly song!

There was a Strawberry in a store,
He jumped out of his box.
He was so ripe and big
That he couldn't fit through the door.
His leaves broke off
And then he cried,
And then we had Strawberry pie!

It's hers. Totally and completely hers. I was floored by her wonderful prose, her lyrical expertise, her evil cackle when she explained to me that crying makes a strawberry more juicy and juicy strawberries have to be eaten, and after you eat a strawberry, it's dead.

Yeah, somehow I don't think the makers of Veggie Tales will be asking for the rights to that little diddy, seeing as how it ends in the massacre of one of their would-be stars.

But this Mama was right proud of her little singer/song writer. I just know she has a sensational career ahead of her.

~I desperatley tried to get Sarah Grace to sing her number on my voice recorder or for video footage. It seems that shyness has overcome her, though.~

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The Bouldins said...

Love. It. She's got some real talent!