Monday, May 03, 2010

Recent Randomness

Did I mention we are moving?

The house is ours. The refrigerator arrived. The kitchen and laundry room are fully functional. Our bed will be delivered at the end of the week. We are looking for a couch. Oh, and rugs for the hardwood floors. And the children have successfully tracked in a good portion of dirt from the yard and have generously placed it all over the place.

This is real life people.

Because it has been raining, and because we aren't on a hard deadline to get completely moved, we are taking baby steps. Here is the first load of boxes that Joshua and my Dad brought for me to start on.

And here is the first empty box!!

And here is where I where I pretend I have never heard of Child Labor Laws.

Have no fear...they only worked for a little bit and then they went out to play on the swing set that was, at the time, surrounded by all sorts of old paint cans and such. And a few tubes of unidentifiable stuff.

Here is an adorable shot of our Sunshine!

Anna is of the opinion that the dirt here tastes really good. She habitually crams a fist full in her mouth then proceeds to drool it out.

Thomas has taken to showing off his climbing finesse...

...and his getting stuck finesse, too!

And this? This is the creation Thomas designed especially for Sarah Grace. Upon receiving it, she exclaimed. 'Oh, Thomas! It is SO beautiful! I just can't imagine a better brother in the whole wide world!'

And as my heart swelled, I could see their sweet little halos peeking out from behind the kid filth and hear angels singing a chorus.


Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Looks like a beautiful home, and what sweet pics of the kiddos! Glad to know we're not the only ones moving :)!

Rebecca said...

Love those old swing sets! Cheering you on for many more empty boxes.

The Taylors said...

Yipeeeeeeee for your new home. So excited for you guys.

Hannah said...

Glad y'all are getting settled! Love the drooling dirt, and the brotherly gift! Hope you settle in quick and it starts to feel like home!

Christine said...

Child labor laws are so over rated. ;) lol You have a beautiful family and it is so wonderful that they are helpful. Good work, mama!

Missi said...

you know that is ALL my kids ever did with the mega towers. So we're selling them in the yard sale. Mostly they just dumped them out on the floor so they could build one tower and then play with the box. =/

The Bouldins said...

Beautiful!! (home & children)

Tell Thomas that he should never, ever climb a fence without a shirt on. But if he chooses to do so, then if he gets stuck at the top, he should not get on the "smooth" side and "slide" down the fence to the ground. Experience says he'll have many nights soaking in an Epsom salt bath while Mommy (and Daddy) wield a mean pair of tweezers and sewing needle.

Just sayin'