Monday, May 31, 2010

The Beauty In Old Technology

Remember when I posted this?

Here we are, the last day of May, and I am finally getting around to the follow up. My reason for being delayed is somewhat connected to the project, though. In a really good way!

Four months ago, we made a drastic change to the way we handled our finances. We essentially quit using the debit card. I made my pretty little envelopes, stuffed them with their allotted amount each payday, and toddled on about life.

My, oh my, the freedoms we find when guided by the boundaries of a firm budget!

Within two months, we realized two major things; We were able to give more and save more!

We were also surprised that we were ready to buy a house. Not as in, we were ready to pay cash for one like Crystal and her husband did, but we realized that with our reigns tightened a bit better, we were ready to step into the home-buyers market earlier than we anticipated.

Here we are, four months after the original switch to cash. We have bought a house (which is what has been keeping me so busy that I haven't posted yet) and are living within our means. And though those adorable little envelopes are beginning to be a bit worn looking, they are utilized fully!

I have made several more envelopes for smaller categories of our budget, though I don't carry them all in my wallet. Only the original six stay in my wallet, but the others collect a set amount each payday. Things like gifts and birthday parties and school supplies. I even have one for yard sales, since I enjoy them so much!

I am thinking about retiring the original six already, just for the nostalgia they provide every time I look at them and think about what they have enabled us to learn.

We start our Financial Peace class at church this week, and I am some kind of excited about it! Give me another few months, and I will share what I learn there, as well.


Hannah said...

I need to start envelopes. Tell me your catagories. Oh and my kids are going to Nana's tomorrow! We'll have to reschedule the playdate!

The Taylors said...

Love Financial Peace! Woop-woop for the envelopes. I'm cheering for you girl!

Jennifer said...

Yay for you! We've been doing the envelopes for almost a year and it's really made a difference in us. I need to make me a yard-sale envelope! Thanks for the idea, although my husband probably won't thank you! :)