Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello, February Funk

I want to have something to say. I am drawn to come here and tap something out for you few who visit to see what we have going. It's not much, and I am finding I can't even find a funny spin to put on the ins and outs of the days.

February has always been a tough month. It's cold, the holiday season is well over, the groundhog has a nasty habit of seeing his shadow, and all I want is warm weather and for the kids colds and various ailments to clear up. I am ready for picnics and walks in the sun and the beautiful bright green of Spring.

The only redeeming thing about February is that a certain person I happen to adore was born in this month a few decades ago.

Despite the wonderful perks of homeschooling, I have almost been ready to enroll my boy in a school this week just so he can have two hours a day to play in a gym! With three little girls in various stages of fighting a cold, we aren't leaving the house much.

And that's about it. I am spending the days watching the children zing around and bounce off the walls. I am going through the motions of keeping up with laundry and feeding the noise-makers. We are squeezing a bit of school in between the boinging and bouncing, but I must confess, it's hard to get Thomas to settle in and pay attention when he has all this energy!

We are all loving each other and and learning things and even watching a snippet every now and again of the Olympics. Survival, folks. Survival at it's finest. That is what we are up to.

I could do with some fresh ideas for activities to fight the February Funk. Care to share?


Anonymous said...

You could read my blog-- it is a veritable font of amusement for cold winter days. HAHAHAHA.

Okay, not really. But I do feel your pain. My february funk started in December and if the snow doesn't start to melt soon it may last well into may.

look at that. I'm so funky that I'm leaving out commas and capital letters all over the place.

Monica said...

We've been trying to get out whenever we have a slightly warm(er) day. I am so ready for spring to come, though!!

Memum said...

Re do a bathrooom--screen in a porch--oh yeah--those are hard to accomplish w/out younguns