Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Saturday morning dawned bright and sunshiney. And snowy! A real treat for our neck of the woods. We delayed breakfast and sent the kids out to play in the quickly melting snow. I don't think they ever left the back deck, but they made snow angels and snow balls and there was plenty of snow eating!

Sarah Grace took great delight in throwing the first snowball!

Our friend A took great pleasure in chowing down on the snow.

Little Miss Anna enjoyed holding the snow...

...but she much preferred to stand be on the other side of the glass door while the kids threw snow balls at us!


Amy said...

Great pics, love the one of you and Anna inside. Your smile is priceless!

liz said...

How in the world does it snow in Alabama before it snows in Missouri? =) We just got our first snow of the year this morning, and a very light dusting at that. Glad y'all had fun with the white stuff. =)