Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Mapping 101

Deea, girl, this one is for you!

Mapping things is one of Thomas' latest passions. If a state or country is mentioned in conversation, he wants to go check out our world map and find it. So tonight when I was coveting a certain picture my bloggy buddy had taken, Thomas asked where she lived. As the adults were chatting over pictures and snow and real winter clothes, the kids were prattling back and forth about where was Montana?

Joshua gave them some vague generalities, enough to keep Thomas from popping up from the dinner table and go running to the map. A moment later, Thomas was explaining to the girls that Montana was pretty far away from Alabama.

'First you go tons of miles this way,' he said as he ran his finger towards the middle of the table, 'then you go tons of miles that way,' he explained while his finger veered off to one side. 'And then your in Montana.'

Yeah, the kid is on the up and up in giving directions.

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Deeapaulitan said...

I always seem to take your blog in chunks and then giggle for the rest of the night! I love it. Love your sweet bambinos & their antics (ummm, and YOUR antics). :)

I'll send you the file of that photo if you'd like to print it.